Dual Degree in Biology and Clinical Laboratory Science

For students who desire additional career options beyond hospital laboratories, the dual degree track will prepare you to work in other areas such as crime labs, public health labs, reference labs, industrial labs, and as a clinical trials coordinator with a biotechnology company. The 3+2 plan allows you to complete both majors for your BS degree in 5 years as opposed to doing each degree separately which takes 6 years. This option also offers excellent preparation for graduate study.
Currently, there are no distance education options for this degree.

For more information about the dual degree option, you may contact:

Dr. Jean-Luc Scemama
Biology undergraduate curriculum coordinator

Pre-Professional Advising
College of Allied Health Sciences academic advisor

For 3+2 Dual BS Degree Curriculum for Biology (General) and Clinical Laboratory Science, you will take:

  • Foundations Curriculum (same as currently required for BS in Biology, General) [42 s.h.]: CHEM 1150,1151,1160, 1161; MATH 1065; 12 s.h. social science; 10 s.h. humanities/fine arts; EXSS 1000; HLTH 1000; ENGL 1100, ENGL 1200.
  • Biology Core [15 s.h.]: BIOL 1100, 1101, 1200, 1201, 2250, 2251, 2300.
  • Cognates [22 s.h.]: CHEM 2750, 2753, 2760, 2763; MATH 2121, 2122; PHYS 1250, 1251, 1260, 1261) AND for CLSC [15 s.h.]: CLSC 2000, CHEM 2250, 2251 (3 s.h. Research Skills for Biology); BIOL 2130; BIOL 3220, 3221 (8 s.h. BIOL electives).
  • Additional Research Skills [6 s.h.]: MATH 2228 (statistics), (3) ENGL 3820 OR ITEC 3290 (scientific or technical writing) (3)
  • BIOL electives (incl BIOL 2130 and 3220/3221) (15-16)

The above represents 107-108 s.h. to be completed over three academic years as Biology majors and to then enter the professional phase of the CLSC program in Fall semester of their fourth year.

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