Online MLT to MLS Program

The online MLT to MLS program is intended as a bridge for certified Medical Lab Technicians (MLTs) who are working and want to complete a Bachelor’s in Clinical (Medical) Laboratory Science. This is a new degree program offered by the Department of Clinical Laboratory Science (CLS) in addition to the in-person programs (BS in CLS, double major in CLS and Biology, and 3+2 dual degree BS in CLS/BS in Biology).

Admission Requirements

Students who have earned either an AS or AA degree from a North Carolina Community College qualify for a General Education waiver. Information about the General Education waiver can be found on ECU’s Transfer Hub.

Additional prerequisite courses will likely be required for all applicants. These prerequisite courses can be completed at the university or another accredited institution. Please note that a total of 60 credits must be taken at a senior institution, and a minimum of 30 credits must be completed at ECU, in order for the university to grant the degree.

Students who have earned an AAS degree do not qualify for a General Education waiver and must complete the university’s General Education requirements as well as program prerequisite courses.

Transfer Resources

For information regarding specific courses, refer to the “CAA Baccalaureate Degree Plans.” Clinical Laboratory Science is listed on this page.

Program Curriculum

Full-Time Sample Plan

Year 1
Semester 1 (Spring)
CLSC 3410, 3411 (Hema)4
CLSC 4430, 4431 (Chem)4
CLSC 4460, 4461 (Micro)5
CLSC 3430 (Immuno)2
Semester 2 (Summer)
CLSC 3440, 3441 (BF/Sero)3
CLSC 4210, 4211 (BB)4
CLSC 4491 (Molecular)1
CLSC 4992 (Molecular)1

Year 2
Semester 3 (Fall)
CLSC 3420, 3421 (Hema)4
CLSC 4440, 4441 (Chem)4
CLSC 4470, 4471 (Micro)5
CLSC 4801 (PPI) - WI*3
Semester 4 (Spring)
CLSC 4992 (Clin Hema)2
CLSC 4993 (Clin Chem)2
CLSC 4994 (Clin BBnk)2
CLSC 4997 (Clin Micro)2
CLSC 4802 (PPI) - WI*3

Part-Time, Three-Year Sample Plan

Part-Time, Four-Year Sample Plan


Dr. Guyla Evans
Clinical Associate Professor
Program Director/Interim Department Chair